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  • noun A white crystalline amino acid, C6H12N2O4S2, formed from the disulfide linkage of two cysteines during folding of many proteins, especially keratin, and stabilizing the tertiary structure of the protein.

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  • noun (Physiol. Chem.) A white crystalline substance, C3H7NSO2, containing sulphur, occuring as a constituent of certain rare urinary calculi, and occasionally found as a sediment in urine.

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  • noun chemistry a nonessential amino acid formed by the oxidation of cysteine; it contains two cycteine residues linked by a disulfide bond

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  • noun a crystalline amino acid found in proteins (especially keratin); discovered in bladder stones


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[From its discovery in bladder stones.]

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From Ancient Greek κύστις ("bladder"), where it was found.


  • This occurs in cystine, which is known from the work of Count K.A.H. Mörner as a component of the protein molecule.

    Albrecht Kossel - Nobel Lecture

  • However, when it is present as a cysteine-cysteine dipeptide, called cystine, it is more stable than cysteine.

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  • The four most common types of stones are comprised of calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine.

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  • Undenatured whey protein is a non-heated product that preserves bioactive amino acids like cystine.

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  • J'suis un peu balonné, j'ai recommencé la cystine et ca a un effet devastateur au niveau d'mes intestinc ...

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  • Ce qui s'est passé j'en sais rien je prend ma demie Ritaline, ma cystine B6 et me reecroule.

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  • Further, acid hydrolysis would convert cysteine to cystine, and hydrolysis would destroy serine, threonine, cystine, cysteine, and arginine in the alkaline solution generally regarded to have characterized the early ocean.

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  • The exceptional content of sulfur amino acids (methionine plus cystine) should make fonio an excellent complement to legumes.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • In his Edible Leaves of the Tropics he adds that the leaves are incomparable as a source of the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine, which are often in short supply.

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  • In particular, protein fractionation is likely to turn up fractions with methionine and cystine levels even greater than fonio's already amazingly high average.

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