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  • abbr. In role-playing games, a die with twelve sides.


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  • The d12 is also excellent for all you wind players who have to do scale competencies in order to pass band.

    Boing Boing

  • If your character is possessed by the ancient Sumerian mind-controlling roach, you get to roll a d12.

    Making Light: The tastemakers of tomorrow

  • Gaming apparatus and method - The idea of a dice game using "dice" that are made from interlocking panels of the correct shape for whatever type of die you're rolling e.g. d6, d12, ...

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Consequently, the French may insist that the Spanish roll a d12 initiative dice until the French wish to move anything.

    A Scenario For Ravenna, 11th April 1512

  • On the next roll the Allies will roll d20 vs. a French d12, thereafter both sides will roll d20s for initiative as standard.

    A Scenario For Ravenna, 11th April 1512

  • As static modifiers are piled on, the d10 vs d12 becomes insignificant, and +1 to hit plays a much bigger role.

    EN World D&D / RPG News

  • Assuming you spend your first feat on a good d12 weapon like a executioners axe or something else you can deal really solid damage.

    EN World D&D / RPG News

  • Looking back now, I see that Okafor would had helped us in the short term but d12 was a long term investment.


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  • Skills: Fighting d12, Ensorcel d8, Invisibility d4, See the Future d6, Animal Friend d6



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