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  • noun metrology Symbol for the decisiemens, an SI unit of electrical conductance equal to 10−1 siemens.


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  • The decrease of the c.c. between these two epochs is consistent with the idea of dS/CFT (originally due to Strominger in hep-th/0106113 and hep-th/0110087), which is that time evolution in our universe corresponds to running up the RG flow of some boundary theory.

    Humankind’s Basic Picture of the Universe

  • Exemption from taxation of certain property, etc.Chap. 'dS'S Ax Act eelative to the exemption from taxation of PROPERTY OF VETERANS OF THE CIVIL WAR.

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court

  • The ratio of non-synonymous to synonymous substitutions (dN/dS) in protein coding genes, has been used to measure selective pressure.

    2008 December - Telic Thoughts

  • But scant is robust evidence at early developmental stages for a lower dN/dS ratio.

    2008 December - Telic Thoughts

  • None of this really relates back to dS at all, except that a discussion of stock female roles really made me think about how I spent the entire last episode of GA squeeing in glee because this is my show, dammit, as much as I resented fox1013 for getting me hooked on it back when I first started.

    May 1st, 2007

  • First of all, a disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and due South are currently two of my three favorite television shows, so nothing that I'm saying here is meant to be construed as an attack on dS, which I adore.

    May 1st, 2007

  • As far as I know, it is not completely clear if the Cauchy instability is there if the BH sits inside a cosmological solution (e.g. dS or Friedmann).

    Rules for Time Travelers

  • The physical universe has the local Lorentz group SO3,1 which embeds in the dS spacetime.

    Einstein Still Rules, Says Fermi Telescope Team | Universe Today

  • And as always, I've got bubbling around more stories in my dS WholeLottaKids-'verse, and my Uglies story about Shay, and various other things which don't yet have snippets.

    August 13th, 2007

  • It's just that -- in its intentional and well done playing on television shows structures and stereotypes -- dS falls into some patterns that are extremely common that GA subverts in some fairly clever ways.

    May 1st, 2007


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