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  • noun A genus of dipterous insects, of the family Muscidæ, or flies. D. oleæ is a species injurious to the olive.


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  • Koen Stein, while others will likely point out that the dinosaur's second name "dacus" sounds suspiciously Romanian, meaning it was probably just a hairy-soled Vlach trying to pass itself off as a Magyar so it could claim benefits.

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  • Magyarorsaurus dacus, an ethnic Hungarian dinosaur from Transylvania, was recently downgraded from being an impressive titanosaur to a measly dwarf dino following an exhaustive study.

  • And M. dacus belongs to a group of titanosaurs, which were giant sauropods

  • The remains of the dinosaur, named Magyarosaurus dacus, have been debated by scientists for years.

  • The dwarf dinosaur, Magyarosaurus dacus, which lived in what is now

  • M. dacus were really just juveniles and would have later grown to be enormous as adults.

  • For M. dacus 'bones, they found the remains belonged to animals that were between

  • M. dacus and was identified as representing a distinct taxon.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science


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