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  • n. A multilayered sandwich with a variety of fillings.

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  • n. A multi-layered sandwich containing cold cuts, cheese, lettuce and any of several other fillings


After Dagwood Bumstead, a character who made such sandwiches in the comic strip Blondie by Murat Bernard ("Chic”) Young (1901-1973).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
After Dagwood Bumstead, a character in the comic Blondie (Wiktionary)


  • Wotak: habby birfday, MOMS (I am your mother) dagwood: It's my Mom's Birthday today too, better call dagwood: Oh Happy Day man, you got a picture selected for the photochop?

  • HORRIBLE trailer. thelastknowngod looks like a less interesting Lars and the Real Girl .. edcedc8 ryan renolds to play every single comic character ever. including dagwood.

    Paper Man Trailer: Ryan Reynolds is the Greatest Imaginary Hero | /Film

  • | Reply print has some great strips like dilbert, zits, and far side; and then there are the ones that are not funny and have never been funny like family circus and blondie and dagwood.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Web or Print?

  • I Never Thought it Would Happen to+ spod: Vodka good, my girl makes some legendary 'health drinks' using vodka. dagwood: Burnett's Vodka w'grape drink or rasberry tea.

  • MstrLance: It's wabbit season! dagwood: Guess what y'all?

  • KBID = 4376 dagwood: Cause you're constipated and didn't go when you shoulda.

  • The google and the youtubes are under attacks right now OMG HELP! ghostrider: Vote for all incumbents and find out. cockroach: What's the price of rice paddy living? dagwood: Price of living in Paradise. godevillivedog: Here in the great pacific northwest it hasn't rained for almost 24 hours.

  • FUUUUUUCK. dagwood: If you'd finished that flexibility course you could DIY

  • I Never Thought it Would Happen to+ dagwood: Alot is better than you or I

  • I could just strangle people for that. dagwood: Box does not record single characters, but there are ALOT of characters here.


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