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  • adv. Eye dialect spelling of down.
  • prep. Eye dialect spelling of down.


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  • Incidentally, in Essex such fanny art is called a "vajazzle": you get a "bed" (a sunbed), get a vajazzle, get yer teeth bleached "proper white like Melinda Messenger" then you "gah dahn Sugar Hut, see if Kirk's back from Marbella."

    Grace Dent's TV OD

  • "'Ere Amy, I'm not telling anyone dahn speed dating I'm a glamour model," Sam says, "Gonna say I work in politics for Tony Blair."

    Grace Dent's TV OD

  • According to a subsequent radio transmission, pursuing patrol car “lost em dahn the estate”.

    New Financial Year – Now We Can Arrest Again « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Danny dahn DagenhamSally's on-screen husband in Made in Dagenham is the fine young actor Danny Mays.

    Trailer Trash

  • Don't miss it! mauvais perdant (moh-vay pair-dahn) : sore loser

    mauvais perdant - French Word-A-Day

  • “Jin dan zhi bao” pronounced jeen dahn jr bao rhymes with now means Jin Dan is the highest treasure.

    Tao II

  • “Bu yan yun qi dan tian” pronounced boo yahn yün chee dahn tyen means do not speak polluted things to increase the qi in the Dan Tian.

    Tao II

  • “Jin Dan Dao ti sheng” pronounced jeen dahn dow tee shung means Jin Dan and Tao body are produced.

    Tao II

  • “Zi run dan tian” pronounced dz rwun dahn tyen means jade liquid nourishes the Lower Dan Tian.

    Tao II

  • “Dan tian wen nuan” pronounced dahn tyen wun nwahn means Dan Tian area is warm.

    Tao II


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