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  • n. The palace of the mikado of Japan; the court: a respectful term used by the Japanese in speaking of the mikado or emperor, who was considered too august and sacred to be spoken of by his own name.


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  • Sort of a dairi-ation on the theme, don't you think.

    I'm getting pretty tired of waiting for Obama to announce his VP pick.

  • The following is the second part of a series called Get Our Milk Off Drugs, written in response to pending legislation that would interfere with dairi ...

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  • Ito sukashi dairi Hamamatsu, adj. itzebu dai-sho hanami jaburan dai-sho-no-soroimono hanamichi janken hanashika jigotai dan haniwa jimigaki daruma haori jingu do happi-coat jinja dojo harai goshi jinkai senjitsu dotaku hara-kiri jinricksha emakimono hashigakari jinrikisha Eta Hashimoto's jinriksha fuchi hatamoto jito fugu hayashi jiu-jitsu fuji hechima Jodo Fukuoka, adj.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol IX No 1

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    Me? Laid Off? Oy. « 1979 Semi-Finalist…


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