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  • n. Social events or activities that take place after skiing.
  • adj. Concerned with or designed for use after skiing: après-ski wear.

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  • adj. Common misspelling of danceable.


French : après, after + ski, skiing.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • Keep in mind these are my work out. mp3s, so they're mostly stuff I chose because it's "dancable."

    Day in the Life of an Idiot

  • Esthero & Sebastian is equally dancable, but not quite as rich.

    Timbaland Music Review |

  • Catchy tune, easily memorable lyrics, dancable and instantly iconic.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Bass and drums keep time, Pickett sings and the brass accents at key moments to create frenetic musical works which are largely dancable.

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  • Their music is extremely dancable, so even someone like me who generally doesn't dance gets into the groove.


  • Hard Queen are playing with a bit more poise since their successful CD launch and have developed the songs for the live show, adding longer sections to dancable tracks.

    Chinalyst - China blogs in English

  • I'm told he was laughing when Jess and I were dancing like fools to some slow song by Guns and Roses .... and again it might just be us, but more dancable rock songs would be great.


  • Kick is nice and ripe, I think that this wouldn't be dancable because you keep alternating with something in the key signature and out of it in the piano line.


  • It is up-tempo and dancable and while it, too, lacks a strong melody, it has a cohesive theme and a decent sense of movement to it.

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  • Say Hello to the Sun, features fun, dancable, catchy tunes with kid-friendly lyrics that are equally as fun for me to listen to.

    Mom's Favorite Stuff


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