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  • Dangerous.


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  • In the days prior to the fall which my haughty spirit merited, I was vain in the handling of a boat, and my little knowledge proved most dangersome to Paddy and others.

    Last Leaves from Dunk Island

  • "How can you find your way?" asked Mrs. Bridges, to whom this was a mortally dangersome journey.

    Cavanaugh: Forest Ranger A Romance of the Mountain West

  • "Stranger," said Mr. Simms, after greetings had been exchanged, "you're right welcome, but in my kentry you'd find it dangersome to walk in thisaway."

    The Brown Mouse

  • There was a little one-horse town about three mile down the bend, and after dinner the duke said he had ciphered out his idea about how to run in daylight without it being dangersome for Jim; so he allowed he would go down to the town and fix that thing.

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  • People lived in them yet, but it was dangersome, because sometimes a strip of land as wide as a house caves in at a time.

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

  • Den he'd peartin 'up, an' he alwuz rode at de head o 'de company, 'cause he wuz tall; an' hit wan 'on'y in battles whar all his company wuz dat he went, but he use' to volunteer whenever de cun'l wanted anybody to fine out anythin ', an' 'twuz so dangersome he didn' like to mek one man go no sooner'n anurr, yo 'know, an' ax'd who'd volunteer.

    Marse Chan; A Tale of Old Virginia

  • "I consider them kind of seeg'yars dangersome,", -- and seemed to suspect nothing.

    A Tramp Abroad

  • "I consider them kind of seeg'yars dangersome," -- and seemed to suspect nothing.

    A Tramp Abroad — Volume 04

  • "I consider them kind of seeg'yars dangersome" -- and seemed to suspect nothing.

    Editorial Wild Oats

  • I'll trust you, sir; but my work is dangersome, and please God I should get killed, will you do the same for Martha and little Nan? '

    Fern's Hollow


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