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  • Contraction of dare not, with a connotation of fear.


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dare +‎ -n't


  • this is what happens when you contract-out the supply of services and materials. the argument used, as has been used where i work, to justify using contractors than in house staff is that 'overall it's cheaper' - but, funnily enough, there's never any figures to back this up - it's 'sensitive' - too bloody right it's sensitive - the idiot that came up with the idea daren't let anyone know what's going on.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • The same aerosols who call flats apartments (they daren't use condos), cookies not biscuits, upcoming for forthcoming,. .ize for. .ise.

    When did we stop speaking English ?

  • I daren't write off a new game completely after only a month of playing, but, as with Football Manager, it seems to have been decided that realism at the expense of fun is a fair exchange.

    Fifa, Football Manager and the problem with 'fun'

  • And if you want to, you can go from there to the Lewis formula website to see what it says about your life-work balance (I daren't).


  • I daren't even look at it as I still haven't watched any of the sets I impulsively bought after a blog discussion on the topic about a year ago.


  • We would have loved to have been able to say hello, but we daren't.

    John Keay

  • It shouldn't be that once December comes a-knocking we get panicked into wearing things we daren't any other time of the year.

    Party frocks are failing us

  • Froch daren't let this one go to points, even though resilience and conditioning are likely to play a decisive part here.

    Andre Ward beats Carl Froch - as it happened! | Graham Parker

  • At work, we still daren't even talk about the revolution, people are still afraid of talking, he said.

    Mood in Tunisia lifts, but revolution may not be over

  • I drink my horrible wine almost instantly while Dan1973 barely touches his beer, and I daren't suggest another.

    Diary of a separation


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