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  • v. Second-person singular present simple form of dare


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dare + -est


  • That answer came easily enough: it's some colloquial form of "darest" - "dares" - as in "Nobody dares blame this man." Top Stories

  • Let's add another sacred entitlement that darest never get reformed or reigned in because social security, medicare, and medicaid aren't bankrupting us fast enough!

    Democrats planning 1,000 health care reform events

  • Who darest challenge their pro market driven coven ?

    Cartoon: Martin Rowson on George Osborne's bright, progressive new dawn

  • Do I not know, thou filthy weaver of rotten worsted, that thou durst no more cross the threshold of thy own door, if thy wife heard of thy making such a boast, than thou darest cross naked weapons with a boy of twelve years old, who has drawn a sword for the first time of his life?

    The Fair Maid of Perth

  • Believe it, and record it, if thou darest, in thy book, that Alexius

    Count Robert of Paris

  • “And I will break thy young pate,” said Adam, “if thou darest to lift a finger to me.”

    The Abbot

  • He then fixed his eyes on the stranger, and said, in a menacing tone, “I think thou darest not betray me or deceive me?”

    The Monastery

  • “In what is he holier than I am?” said the Grand Master. — “Hermit, prophet, madman — say, if thou darest, in what thou excellest me?”

    The Talisman

  • Every sort of woe betide thee, if with gurgling trill thou darest — but, as says the text: Let be!

    Peer Gynt

  • Devil, who darest thus to sport at once with thy master and with the blessed Saints.

    Quentin Durward


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