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  • Near the ridge, the pale, frosty grey of hawthorn softens into mist or whitens into pockets of snow, flecked dark green by stubby pines or holly.


  • My YCC site was in the North Cascades National Park in Washington State, a breathtakingly gorgeous region with terrain ranging from alpine peaks and glaciers dotted with crystal blue lakes that literally sparkled in the sun to lowland forests, from mossy dark green water-soaked temperate rainforests to dry ponderosa pine ecosystems.


  • Now he reached into his satchel, retrieving an ampule of a thick dark green oil.

    City of Glory

  • The dark green spikes climbed toward heaven with spear-shaped leaves clinging to either side; cocoon-shaped florets clustered on the stems like pop-beads, opening into frilly, radiant colors that took our breath away.

    Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

  • LSD intoxication is characterized by florid visual distortions—arrays of colors, often dark green or brown; dramatic changes in the shapes or sizes of familiar objects—and overwhelming delusions of omnipotence.

    Over the Edge

  • By the time he was done Stemple's coat and shirt were soaked with dew and mud and dark green blood.


  • One of my ex-regulars, a building maintenance worker, was leaning against a push broom in his dark green uniform.

    Real wifeys

  • ‘The tomb of Alexander the Great plus thirty-odd Ptolemies in a precinct dry-paved with collector’s-quality marble in blue with dark green swirls….

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • The one-acre pond in back, which had a dock with a pirogue moored to it no motorized boats were allowed on the island, had been stocked years ago with fingerling bass, and now some of them had grown to fifteen pounds, their backs as dark green and thick across as moss-slick logs when they roiled the surface among the lily pads.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • Sharpe scrubbed at the sticky blood with the corner of his coat, then grinned because he could almost hear Lucille's exasperated complaint, for he suddenly realized that this coat was none other than his good dark green kerseymere that Lucille liked so much and which was such a trouble to clean.

    Sharpe's Devil


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