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  • noun music A musical movement that originated in the late 1970s, combining elements of new wave and gothic rock with dark, thoughtful lyrics and an undertone of sorrow.


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dark +‎ wave; compare new wave.


  • My shipment from Middle Pillar distributors came in yesterday too, so I have plenty of small-label darkwave and musical esoterica to keep me occupied for a while.

    freakshows, sickness, preamps, and mail woes

  • Truly, the fans Gothic "darkwave" can rejoice from the soul.

    Worldwide music

  • Because just as glo-fi and its witch house corollary have exponents on both sides of the Atlantic, now we've got our own darkwave troubadour in Zoo Kid.

    Zoo Kid (No 916)

  • This darkwave troubadour might be a Brit School alumnus, but his synth-noir sound is about as far removed from the fame-academy archetype as you can get

    Zoo Kid (No 916)

  • Excellent ethereal at times darkwave / synthpop stuff.

    (Thu-Fri) bands bands bands: Hungry Lucy, Bloodwire, White Widow

  • Went to VIP Ultralounge the old Metro Wednesday night for the hopefully first of their darkwave/industrial/goth/etc. nights.

    books, newclub, film

  • Two decades of darkwave band Attrition is performing this Monday night at Legends in Raleigh.

    ha ha it is to laugh (weird weather)

  • Short version: Attrition official site played in town last night, and, at least in my opinion, lived up to the standard expected of a group that helped define darkwave twenty years ago and is still performing.

    Attrition last night

  • Cthulhu: Catholic darkwave: duckweed synthpop: Xanthippe, sandpiper

    LJ spellchecks

  • Today has gone generally well once I got started, aided by this great album of original synthpop/darkwave stuff Josh gave me last night to listen to.

    [film] Whale Rider


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