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  • n. Plural form of datum.


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  • I will continue to pour my efforts into un-masking further datums from the ruins of the old of course.

    Darth Sidious: People Person

  • Then I wondered if anyone else had ever said 'datums'. A SCREENWRITER TALKS SENSE.

  • On 'data are', I decided just now that's probably ungrammatical for me, not just over-formal, and if I had to talk about individual datums I'd actually say 'datums'. A SCREENWRITER TALKS SENSE.

  • Several map datums were erroneous, which threw the hikers off-track.

    Data is data, or are they?

  • It turns up a lot of Google hits, but most of them seem to be dictionary definitions, particularly for what appears to be a specialized sense in the field of geology (with the plural datums).

    Stupid grammar rules II: data are « Motivated Grammar

  • There are some who claim that sin and karma are datums that one accepts as part of a religious package, and thus mutually exclusive.

    Bono on karma and grace

  • Assume further, just for the purpose of being extreme w.r.t. “missing data”, that no two datums are from the same location.

    Unthreaded #20 « Climate Audit

  • Element Mi,j contains all datums, if any,ÂÂfor dates i and j, with i preceding j.

    Unthreaded #20 « Climate Audit

  • ÂÂAssume that the only data we have is a collection of “datums”, where each datum contains (a) a pair of dates, (b) the “temperature”ÂÂmeasured on each of those two dates, and (c) the location (station) making those two measurements.

    Unthreaded #20 « Climate Audit

  • Instead of infoboxes and templates for tabulated datums, as Wikipedia uses, Tinfinger will focus purely on the sentence as the primary method of communication.

    Archive 2007-04-01


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