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  • n. A circuit board that is an extension of a motherboard or other card.


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daughter +‎ board (modelled on motherboard)


  • One of the things that I had been expecting to see by now was some sort of deep, platform-level CPU + GPU integration-basically a product with a GPU in a coprocessor socket, instead of on a PCIe daughterboard.

    Ars Technica

  • Apple has historically oscillated between putting the USB ports on the main board and having a separate daughterboard with those ports

    "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader

  • The connectors are well-suited for highly complex board-to-backplane and board-to-board/daughterboard connections in CompactPCI and VME64 Extension applications in

    EE Times-Asia

  • The viral mode theorized by plaintiffs 'expert through the use of the daughterboard is fictional.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The board's input signal is provided by a little red microphone/preamp daughterboard -

    MAKE Magazine

  • The motherboard features three PCI-E x16 and x8 slots, and five PCI-E x4 slots - everything else is pretty much confined to a daughterboard and the processor memory cells.

  • The mainboard is relatively sparse, allowing for expansion - most of the action is on the daughterboard and controller cards.

  • One thing I'd like to know but haven't heard mentioned is can it be run without the 1 / 0 daughterboard? Feed

  • The latest display technologies are supported via a front panel DVI port with pin-headers for an additional DVI or HDMI port through a daughterboard.


  • The first release would provide firmware and software for people willing to build their own daughterboard for the USBKEY.

    Comments for root labs rdist


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