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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dazzle.


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  • McPherson again dazzles with his gift for dialog, but the true wonder here is how a story laden with clich├ęs can sneak up on you.

    Hearts of Gold

  • Arden's dazed, wondering admiration, saying to himself, "Dey ain't used to such young ladies as mine, up here -- it kind o 'dazzles' em."

    What Can She Do?

  • He frequently intimidates or "dazzles" her into doing what he wants her to do, he isolates her from her family and friends, and he makes sure that she is completely dependent on him.


  • (I could never really imagin how scary he could be in the book because all I hear from bella is he "dazzles" her) 6.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • I just thought of a way that the studio, screenwriter and director can redeem themselves for what I felt was a rushed, over simplified presentation of the Bella & Edward love story - So many things were missing (my favorites - when they kiss before they leave for the baseball game and she faints and then when they get there and Edward has to "tamper with her memory" before they run to the baseball game and he "dazzles" her then kisses her and she gets out of hand) - Here is where they can make it right: In the beginning of New Moon where Bella reflects back on "the best summer anyone ever had" with Edward ... right at that point they could introduce flashbacks with her voice over showing us all the scenes that should have been in the movie but weren't. also they need to put in the history of Carlisle and the volturi

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • "dazzles" at highlight points, partial color filter to mute surrounding colors, even fish-eye filter to create interesting fish-eye lens effects.

  • Picasso's "Flowers" 1901 is an early, Impressionist-inspired work that shows little of the artist's later abstraction but still dazzles with its unusual color and off-balance composition.

    Tulips (and Other Flowers) From Amsterdam Putting the culture into horticulture

  • The tradition of highly technical stagecraft including the Arirang mass games, where 100,000 performers move in sync in a feat that has come to embody North Korean discipline and regimentation still dazzles in a country where high-tech entertainment is scarce.

    North Korea stages its biggest magic show ever

  • Of all the CGI wizardry on display from the boffins who made C&A nothing dazzles more than Olivia Wilde's beyond-Bidenean teeth.

    Michael Jones: Cowboys and Aliens

  • Sheikha dazzles east London in fur boots with 'icicle' heels on tour of Olympic stadium

    Sheikha Mozah outdoes Lady Gaga with Arctic-inspired footwear


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