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  • n. A Roman numeral representing thousand (1000).
  • abbr. day, in two-digit, numeric format, as in: dd/mm/yyyy


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  • December 16, 2007 2: 00 PM michelle said ... too cool, I am going to get a pan today while my dd is at volleyball.

    Final Photos & Instructions for Jelly Roll Soaps

  • I still nurse in public, discreetly but not secretly, and my dd is 28 months old.

    You Got A Problem With My Boobies, PUNK? | Her Bad Mother

  • My dd is 10and has learning to knit, crochet, and sew this year.

    Sewing Lesson

  • I haven’t been there myself, (My dd is 4, and just started school) but I cringe at the thought of having to deal with it.

    Mommy Conundrum – Bullying « Bored Mommy

  • She seems to enjoy the thought that I am one: 0) Our dd is engaged to be married and she will be a homemaker also.

    The Woman in the Window, Sewing

  • It sells those clothes at considerable discounts through 863 stores, and through a 54-store chain called dd's Discounts.

    Impatient Value

  • i should keep track of time. but then we wanted some drankssssss and to explore fremont. bobar-ed and then theres this place called dd's discount store nearby so we went in. and bought some goodies it was great. fun fun fun. back forth navigate current archives extras profile contact thanks design diaryland

    cest-karen Diary Entry

  • There's a similar thing with many old welsh names, no universal rules which denote femininity- men and women's names ending 'dd' or 'i' and so on.

    Pictish female names

  • Hedd Wyn the "dd" is pronounced like the hard "th" in "this", meaning "white peace," was the bardic name of Ellis Humphrey Evans, the winner of the 1917 Welsh National Eisteddfod.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • I'm thinking of using the Linux 'dd' command to do this.

    TiVo Community


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