from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun See dead-center.


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  • "If I recollect, they were actually fired to give the car a fillip when it reached the dead-point on its way back to the earth."

    A Trip to Venus

  • The charge of gun-cotton was calculated to give the projectile a velocity sufficient to carry it past the 'dead-point,' where the gravity of the earth upon it was just balanced by that of the moon, and enable it to fall towards the moon for the rest of the way.

    A Trip to Venus

  • The car had reached the 'dead-point' where the attractive powers of the sun and planet over it just balanced each other; but as that of the planet grew feebler the balance turned, and the car was drawn with ever accelerating velocity towards the sun. "

    A Trip to Venus

  • "We have reached the 'dead-point,' where the attraction of Mercury on the car is balanced by the attraction of the sun.

    A Trip to Venus


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