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  • n. Plural form of deadeye.


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  • It consists of a small line reeved back and forth through the holes in the "deadeyes," _A_; the ends are then seized to the standing rigging to prevent slipping.

    Knots, Splices and Rope Work A Practical Treatise

  • I had shown the old-fashioned deadeyes instead of rigging screws and had drawn the wrong kind of gooseneck attaching the boom to the mast.

    Cumberland, Part 3: Acting It Out

  • Although it's gratifying to think our ancestors so traumatized the redcoats during the Revolution that they still believe we are a nation of deadeyes, most of us would rank an afternoon of shooting hard-kicking slug guns at paper cups somewhere between root canal and hitting a thumb with a hammer.

    Three Accurate Slug Guns for Whitetail Deer

  • Besides this, a section of the mainyard that had snapped in two at the slings was still held aloft by the truss, the other end of the spar having brought up, against the chain-plates, the brace being twisted round the shrouds and deadeyes in the most wonderful way!

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • A close search by the technically expert would have revealed scars of age in the little lady, furrows worn in her sides by grinding ice floes, patches in the sails, strengthening pieces in the cross-trees and sad-looking deadeyes and lanyards which plainly told of a bygone age.

    South with Scott

  • Below, Lee Goom and Toyama were lowering skylight covers and screwing up deadeyes.

    Bunches of Knuckles

  • A similar method may be used with loops instead of deadeyes (Fig. 99).

    Knots, Splices and Rope Work A Practical Treatise

  • A swinging sea-lamp of brightly polished brass gave them light, which in the daytime could be obtained through the four deadeyes, or small round panes of heavy glass which were fitted into the walls of the cabin.

    The Cruise of the "Dazzler"

  • She gave another lurch to leeward; the lower deadeyes dipped heavily; the men's feet flew from under them, and they hung kicking above the slanting poop.

    The Nigger of the Narcissus

  • Our standing rigging was of wire, this being lighter, and offering less windage than hemp-rigging of the same strength; but, in order to counteract its rigidity and give play to the spars, we adopted the expedient of connecting the deadeyes to the chain-plates by a bolt and shackle arrangement, interposing a thick india-rubber washer between the shackle and the bolt-head.

    For Treasure Bound


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