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  • n. One who favours the rationing of healthcare in the United States.
  • n. One who subscribes to a conspiracy theory suggesting that Osama bin Laden was not killed.


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death +‎ -er


  • "It is possible I coined deather," Rachel Maddow of MSNBC told me recently, citing her show's coverage of "scare tactics used in the fight against health care reform."

    NYT > Home Page

  • Another disingenuous Republican from the "deather" fringe.

    Boustany rebuttal: start with what we 'agree upon'

  • His catering to the "deather" paranoids at Iowa town meetings is an obvious pandering for votes in which the truth gets sacrificed for his personal gain.

    Grassley: 'I kinda resent' White House over health care reform

  • What you are trying to say is you support the insurance monopoly, which paid this year Cigna's CEO 84 million, to run for profit health care, which denies on average 20% of all claims, allowing enormous profit. that is completely insane, and only benifits the 1 percenters which back the 1 million dollar a day "deather" campaign.

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  • You might want to note the comfort being given to the "deather" crowd in the vast majority of the comments under your worthless screed. Main RSS Feed

  • The "deather" lie that the reform bills will lead directly to euthanasia and government bureaucrats deciding how and when people die resonates with my family member for precisely the reason that my relative is unable to discuss or even consider their own death.

    One Utah

  • The Club for Growth is running ads playing up the "deather" line of argument, targeting Democratic congressional delegations in Nevada, Arkansas, Colorado, and North Dakota.

    Swing State Project

  • That talk will crowd out and diminish conspiracy theories and deather denialism.

    Show the Proof, Mr. President

  • Looking forward to Tim taking pride, like a typical wingnut, that 1.5 million veterans do not have health care. proud wingnut, birther, deather, and lemming who follows the beliefs of Chairman Glenn

    Pawlenty heading to New Hampshire

  • Proud wingnut, birther, deather, and lemming who follows the beliefs of Chairman Glenn

    Jenny Sanford makes endorsement, says her family is 'resilient'


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