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  • verb transitive To revoke permission, sanction or consent.


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de- +‎ authorize.


  • He added that EA is expediting the development of a system that will allow customers to "deauthorize" computers and move the game to new machines, without needing to call the company.

    EA Relaxes Rules on Installing 'Spore'

  • While I did figure it out on my own, it was not clearly indicated why I was getting that rather sternly worded warning and I can see someone who isn't particularly familiar with electronic devices getting a little anxious about clicking "deauthorize" and possibly even calling tech support over it.

    Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

  • At a time when literary blogs do indeed show an increasing ability to "deauthorize" academic criticism as it has established itself over the past fifty years, it would be a shame if the cleavage in contemporary literary criticism -- between academic critics on the one hand and practicing poets and novelists on the other -- were to be permanently hardened with little space in between for critics who want to write about literature but who don't ultimately consider themselves either "scholars" or poets.

    The State of Criticism

  • "deauthorize" computers to get around the install limits.

    Overclockers Club news Feed

  • "deauthorize" already-installed programs on people's phones.


  • I sent the message and received a response within 24 hours--the only thing Apple did right--giving me some basic troubleshooting steps, e.g., restart, deauthorize/reauthorize iTunes, ensure your firmware is up-to-date, restore, all the stuff I'd tried before.

    I Can't Find A Way To Fix My Borked iPod - The Consumerist

  • Apparently some liberal members are batting around an idea which, while definitely a long shot, is interesting: To try to persuade the House Dem leadership to allow a House vote soon on whether to deauthorize the war, in a similar manner to the approach now favored by Hillary.

    House Liberals Entertain Alternate Scheme: Deauthorize The War

  • That's a far, far cry from, "Hey, let's go find sixteen phantom Republican Senators," or "Hey, let's deauthorize the war."

    Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi Slams Iraq Compromise Strategies As "Baloney"

  • Nor does Trippi think much of Hillary's proposal to deauthorize the war.

    Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi Slams Iraq Compromise Strategies As "Baloney"

  • They have also heard Hillary and Byrd are working on a measure that would deauthorize the war in October 2007.

    Poll: Only Nine Percent Of Dems Hold Her Iraq Position Against Her


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