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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of decelerate.


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  • Here's an off-the-rack sports car with lateral adhesion in the range of 1 g, a car that hits 60 mph in 4 seconds the 394-horsepower Carrera S with the dual-clutch PDK gearbox, a car that trips the trap lights in about 12 seconds and decelerates from 60 mph to 0 in about 100 feet.

    Porsche's Magnificent First Stab at the New 911

  • Japan is "growing more dependent on monetary policy" because "there isn't much room to expand fiscal policy in case the economy decelerates," he said.

    IMF Deputy Says Japan Can Learn From Euro Crisis

  • Throw another task in the mix and very fast decelerates to fast or even to slow or at least to too slow.

    Lance Mannion:

  • However, growth is set to slow as "the fiscal consolidation takes hold, the output gap closes, and world trade growth decelerates," the IMF said.

    IMF: Germany Should Fix Roof While Sun Shines

  • Amgen, a fast-growing biotechnology firm for much of its three decades of life, has taken these steps as its business matures and sales growth decelerates for blockbuster products including anti-anemia drugs Aranesp and Epogen as well as anti-inflammatory drug Enbrel.

    Amgen to Fund $5 Billion Share Buyback With New Debt

  • It take pratice to learn to thumb the baitcasters spool as it decelerates, it helps to have the spool tension set just right for each bait/lure thrown and even better to have baitcasting models with magnetic or centrifugal brake systems.

    I'm considering to buy a bait-caster. IS a Wal-mart brand a safe bet?

  • And 15-in. ceramic disc brakes stop the car even faster; it decelerates from 124 to 0 mph in 140 yards, providing a negative G force that's downright scary.

    James M. Clash: Scorching Roma in the New Lamborghini Aventador

  • Even so, Mr. Middleditch and others expect Polish growth to ease considerably as economic activity in the rest of Europe decelerates.

    Polish Economy Defies Europe's Woes

  • Maybe our French friend wasn't thinking about the fact that "hang time" is a myth, or that LeBron James performs his airborne slam-dunk legerdemain while contending with the immutable fact that, like the lowliest high-school basketball player, he decelerates at a rate of about 32 feet per second.

    Unbreakable Sports Records

  • They do a wonderful job of protecting players but concussions occur as the brain accelerates and decelerates within the skull.

    Who's responsible?


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