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  • n. The act of dechristianizing; the systematic removal of Christianity or Christian elements.

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  • n. The process of making non-Christian; a breaking down of Christianity.


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From dechristianize +‎ -ation.


  • A sidelight to the whole matter was that the agents-provocateurs were certainly out in force and the Masonic element was well represented whenever the situation took a turn for the worse, especially at the time of the dechristianization, culminating in the placing of the prostitute on the altar of Notre-Dame.

    [charlotte corday] murderess, feminist or heroine

  • Hébert (1757-94) supported the dechristianization movement, the atheism of which Robespierre vehemently opposed.


  • Beginning of dechristianization campaign; Festival of Reason in Notre Dame (10 November) 4 December


  • Like his brother, he did not support the dechristianization movement, but he was critical of the excessive violence of the Terror.


  • The link between family and agrarian system will help us to understand why dechristianization gained ground, from 1791 onwards, in regions of large farms and share-cropping, and met with resistance in provinces where tenant farming and peasant proprietorship were predominant.

    France as a "nation"

  • Voltaire's legacy also cemented the alleged linkage that joined positivist science on the one hand with secularizing disenchantment and dechristianization on the other in the progressive modernization of the world.


  • The dechristianization of France began with the sacrilege of the Church in it's people, to its buildings and the institution of a radically different replacement.

    The Cathedral of Notre Dame and Robespierre

  • Commentaries on migrations and urban riots, observations of dechristianization among workers, studies of prison conditions, and repeated efforts of ordinary Christians to improve the effectiveness of traditional concepts of charity all played their role in its gradual emergence.

    Catholic Social Thought: Europe

  • Chaumette and the Commune of Paris in the work of violent dechristianization, M. Mathiez has proved that it is not correct to lay on the Commune and the Exagérés, they were called, the entire responsibility, and that a Moderate, an Indulgent, namely Thuriot, the friend of Danton, was one of the most violent instigators.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Robespierre did not condemn the dechristianization in principle; that he knew the common hostility to the Committee of Public Safety of

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock


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