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  • v. To cause, or to undergo decoherence.

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  • In electricity, to increase in resistance, as a coherer in process of restoration to its normal condition of sensitiveness or as an anticoherer when acted upon by electric waves.


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From de- +‎ cohere.


  • This has lead to the development of what is known as quantum consciousness theory, which postulates the idea that consciousness is indelibly tied to quantum processes - that the brain is essentially a quantum computer utilized by an observer to "decohere" quantum superposition.

    Sentient Developments

  • The authors cite Tegmark's (2000) calculations indicating that microtubule quantum states decohere far too quickly (10-13 seconds) at brain temperature to exert useful neurophysiological effects.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • You decohere when you take this to mean that the Court took the “unarguable” position that it expressly did not take.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Motion to Dismiss Denied in Padilla v. Yoo:

  • If your mental state would decohere before you are aware of the measurement, then you could not exclude having psychic powers: When standing in front of the apparatus and blindfolded you could perhaps correctly guess the result.

    Quantum Hyperion

  • You are part of the environment too, so you will decohere too, i.e. you will also go into the entangled superposition.

    Quantum Hyperion

  • If Hyperion did not decohere, what interference effects would we see?

    Quantum Hyperion

  • The Solar Neutrino Problem has indeed been solved; in between the Earth and the Sun, the neutrinos emitted originally as electron neutrinos decohere in flavor, so by the time they get to the Earth you may observe an electron, mu, or tau neutrino.

    Sun Shots

  • It assumes that when a quantum object interacts with the environment, those interactions act as “observations” and as such rapidly smooth out decohere the quantum discreteness and “collapse” it into classical-looking behavior.


  • Cultures are coherent social environments, whereas collections of microcultures are not; they decohere along the boundaries.

    You can't "Just kill them all"? - The Panda's Thumb

  • -- For the purpose of causing the metal filings to fall apart, or decohere, the tube is tapped lightly, and this is done by a little object like the clapper of an electric bell.

    Electricity for Boys


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