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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of decondition.


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  • Two of the most frequent causes for the heart racing are just not drinking enough fluid on a regular basis, or being deconditioned (out of good physical shape).

    Heart Palpitations

  • Death at any time is too soon and early death due to a deconditioned lifestyle immediately disqualifies you from any benefits you look forward to at the end of it all, whether it's finally getting your IRA benefits, retiring to the Bahamas or seeing peace in the Middle East although we may have to live a few lifetime lengths to get to see that one.

    Penny Hoff: Managing Your Weight Is Worth 10 More Years

  • He remains in the hospital because he is deconditioned; after so long lying sedated in bed, he is not able to walk.

    Between Expectations

  • The boy is conditioned, then deconditioned, and he foresees with glee a resumption of the operation of free and violent will.

    Where's the show?

  • This may explain some of the perceived strength benefits attained when a deconditioned individual starts a yoga program.

    Fitness News You Can Use

  • The original training had been nanetically and neurally conditioned, and I'd never been deconditioned.


  • So as the heart wrings the blood out, it will start to beat faster if it's deconditioned.

    CNN Transcript Nov 15, 2003

  • In a disease like this where we have motor weakness, sensory loss, impaired mobility, it's very quick and very easy that people become deconditioned.

    CNN Transcript Apr 28, 2002

  • The quicker you become and the more deconditioned you become, the more difficult it is to exercise the more function that one loses.

    CNN Transcript Apr 28, 2002

  • At the time of arrival here, he was barely able to sit up right at the edge of the bed, having become so significantly deconditioned and weakened by his stay in the critical care units.

    CNN Transcript Jan 17, 2002


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