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  • n. The loss of faith in a given religion and return to a previously held religion or non-religion (typically atheism, agnosticism, or rationalism).


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  • He finds it ironic that the person he stood the most to lose through his deconversion was the one he came out to at the onset and relied on for support over the past five years.

    Daylight Atheism

  • It is possible that Hitler had by 1941 experienced some kind of deconversion or disillusionment with Christianity.

    The God Delusion

  • To add an autobiographical complexity: I was raised in a devout Mormon family in Utah but experienced a "deconversion" of sorts in 1989 when I was an Ezra Taft Benson Scholar at Brigham Young University.

    Philocrites: Who is Philocrites?

  • Redford's "deconversion" series has received YouTube awards and garnered a large following. stories

  • Faced with the emotional and intellectual turmoil of his religious "deconversion," Redford began to document his experience with videos. stories

  • The Ateis Indonesia (Indonesian Atheist) wiki carries Indonesian-language articles on topics varying from evolution to arguments for and against religion and "deconversion" testimonials by fellow Indonesians.

    Taipei Times

  • Daniel writes a lot about why he dislikes religion from a 'deconversion' stance and recently I was wondering about why I dislike psychotherapy and I think it's for a similar reason. News

  • "deconversion" facility in Andrews or nearby Lea County, New Mexico, that would convert depleted uranium-a byproduct of the uranium enrichment process-to a more stable form.

    The Texas Observer: In the Current Issue

  • "deconversion," to providing a long string of statements that must immediately put me on the defensive.

    Challies Dot Com

  • Much of this division stems from the fact that many atheists see themselves as "deconversion missionaries" opposed to any efforts that would promote religious identities.

    Chris Stedman: Interfaith Dialogue Must Include Atheists


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