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  • v. Present participle of decoy.


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  • Boone was blessed with keen intelligence, great eyesight and reflexes, and the instincts of a born hunter, but as a boy he picked up most of his basic knowledge about tracking, stalking, and decoying from the Delaware and Shawnee Indians who gathered at his grandfather's mill.

    Great American Hunters: Daniel Boone

  • Wasn't there a law about this sort of thing -- something about "decoying" and "young girls"?

    The Fawn Gloves

  • But I want you to know that the notion of decoying them away with an inflammable plastic replica was not my idea; it was Matt Fisher's. "

    Hail to the Chief

  • Unfortunately if you waterfowl hunt, and take shots at a distance other than decoying birds at short ranges, you'd have to have a 12 ga. that has a shell case large enough to contain an adequate amount of steel shot.

    What one shotgun would you want to have for the rest of your life

  • In Manitoba, this feature came in handy for me when I was kneeling behind some rolled hay as flocks of Canada geese were coming into our decoys; and then, later, when I had to kneel down in a wet duck boot while decoying in some redhead ducks.

    2009 Holiday Gift Guide: Ten Great Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

  • What's the best breed of dog for decoying (luring) coyotes?

    What's the best breed of dog for decoying (luring) coyotes? And what is the best way to train them?

  • “They employed the art of deceiving, misleading, decoying, and surprising the enemy with great cleverness,” he wrote in praising them.

    Between War and Peace

  • I tend to shoot 3-inch Winchester Supreme High Velocity 2s at decoying ducks and I save the HeviShot, HD, Xtended Range, etc. for days when I think I'll be taking longer shots.

    ever use hevi shot

  • It truly comes down to set up when decoying turkeys.

    Just starting out.

  • One more thing that might help you undestand calling and/or decoying turkeys.



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