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  • adj. Pertaining to a decrement.


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  • If you take that five points that's equivalent to about $150 million of revenue and then when we say when you're building your models to sort of understand where we dropped our guidance at that $150 million of revenue is going to drop down at $75 million of EBIT, a 50% decremental, which is significantly higher than you'd normally expect from us, and that's because of the downward mix that we saw in res moving from premium furnaces to R22 drier charge.

  • Though "decremental" is showing up most frequently in reports on U.S. stocks, it is also popping up abroad, particularly in Europe.

    Decremental? Fitting Word for Ugly Times

  • Ungainly terms like "decremental" are cropping up even in the prose of the master stylists, like Pembroke (mining and basic materials, BNP Paribas), whose writing is now flabby and pocked with suspicious usage.

    Jargon Spoils Analysts' Prose

  • She disdains "decremental" but is somehow a softie for its unlovely cousin, "crementality," and partial to a rogues 'gallery of other galumphing coinages.

    Jargon Spoils Analysts' Prose

  • -- J.P. Morgan Chase analyst Stephen Tusa on "decremental," in The Wall Street Journal, March 2

    Jargon Spoils Analysts' Prose

  • Vintage ratings are incredibly stupid and decremental to the whole industry, especially VINTAGE CHARTS.

    Wine Spectator's First Vintage Report Card for 2008: Who Does it Serve? Does it Matter?

  • For Cookson, Mr. Reilly's report noted that 30% decremental margins means that "every £10 million ($14.3 million) of lost revenue is £3 million of lost operating profit."

    Decremental? Fitting Word for Ugly Times

  • But the use of decremental to describe today's declines in corporate profitability has become so prevalent that in the first eight weeks of this year it has appeared in 531 research reports, according to Thomson One Analytics.

    Decremental? Fitting Word for Ugly Times

  • In today's era of economic decline, that term is "decremental."

    Decremental? Fitting Word for Ugly Times

  • "If a company sells $100 less widgets and profit falls by $20, then the margin on decremental sales is 20%," he says.

    Decremental? Fitting Word for Ugly Times


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