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  • n. In cricket: A fielder placed at or near the boundary somewhere behind the bowler.
  • n. The position of such a fielder.


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  • Now, an international team is setting out on a deep-field survey to try to get some answers.

    The Lovecraft News Network

  • Newly installed instruments aboard the Hubble space telescope, 30 times more sensitive than their predecessors, allowed astronomers to peer deeply into space to find the galaxy, one of 6,000 contained in a "deep-field" view collected over 100 hours of telescope viewing time.

    Hubble spots most ancient galaxy to date

  • The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope has released a new deep-field image of as many as 500,000 galaxies out to a distance of 7 billion light years.

    Half a Million Galaxies, Yours to Explore | Universe Today

  • The Frenchman eventually left forVostok, and on the same day Seismic Man and his group finally took off for their deep-field destination.

    Terra Incognita

  • Observed on latrine wall, C.ntral West Antarctica deep-field camp Resuming the quest for Seismic Man and his group, I wheedled my way onto a fuel flight to C.ntral West Antarctica, and after a series of false starts I was transported to the skiway with four members of a science project staging at C. W.A enroute to Ice Stream B.

    Terra Incognita

  • He was working at a remote deep-field site called Central WestAntarctica, a place so notoriously difficult to access that its acronym had been elongated into Continually Waiting for Airplanes.

    Terra Incognita

  • Where the half-back fumbles the leather, or the deep-field butters the catch?

    Rhymes of the East and Re-collected Verses

  • As it was, the man in the deep-field never looked like missing it.

    A Prefect's Uncle

  • A second deep-field image was assembled three years later using a southern hemisphere target.


  • Hubble's first deep-field image was unveiled on January 15, 1996, at a meeting of the



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