from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a pile composed of long threads, as velvet, Oriental carpets, and similar fabrics.


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  • A fresh wind swept off the silver-white, deep-piled rain-clouds, bearing them, mass on mass, to the eastern horizon; on whose verge they dwindled, and behind whose rim they disappeared, leaving the vault behind all pure blue space, ready for the reign of the summer sun.

    Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte

  • Its leaves are a softer, brighter, deeper green, and in due season (August) it is covered — not ostentatiously like the real mango, with great spikes of bloom, looking each like a gigantic head of mignonette — but with small yellow-green flowers tucked away under the leaves, filling the air with a soft sweet perfume, and then falling on to the bare shaded ground beneath to make a deep-piled carpet.

    Travels in West Africa

  • Ayla stood at the bottom on a floor that was covered with a soft, deep-piled fur of some kind waiting for her eyes to adjust, then looked around.

    The Mammoth Hunters

  • On the stone shelf that served the couple for a bed was a thick, almost luxurious coverlet of sealskin, spotted and deep-piled, a quality of skin which would normally go by right to the house of one of the warriors, or even the queen herself.

    The Wicked Day

  • Sally moved at David's side, crossed the deep-piled carpet of mustardy gold that led through the arch opposite the entrance door and down a wide passage.

    Journey Into Love

  • He moved across the deep-piled carpet then to the equipment on the cupboards near the fireplace.

    Journey Into Love

  • High in a tower overlooking the Golden Gate, Mellon's consultation room was furnished with deep-piled carpet that stretched wall to wall and hugged the sills of the floor-to-ceiling windows that framed the spectacular view.

    Journey Into Love

  • The place here, Takasago the place here, Takasago, and Hilltop Pine has grown old, ripples of age come wrinkling in, and all around under the tree fallen needles lie deep-piled, so enduring does life thrive, and how much longer yet?


  • Pausing here, Maxwell gazed down on the one hand to the rich fields and well-timbered lands of Hoddam; on the other hand across Solway to where below the deep-piled, purple masses of Helvellyn and Skiddaw lay 'merry

    Border Ghost Stories

  • There was a soft-toned sofa and multipneumatic chairs and a deep-piled rug.



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