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  • adj. Resembling a deer or some aspect of one.


deer +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • His long, deerlike snout was set in a grim frown, his big ears flattened against his head as if he wanted to be more streamlined for flight.

    Dirty Secret

  • Then a woman with deerlike eyes came up to me, seemingly out of nowhere, and said, “Would you like a hug?”

    World Wide Mind

  • But it is curiosity merely — a timid, deerlike curiosity.

    The Yellow Peril

  • We join him as he learns for the first time how humanity has beaten the galactic speed limit of C (i.e. it hasn't); why cute little deerlike aliens are never to be trusted (they like meat ...); and how to kill inch-tall, spacefaring people (go Godzilla on their asses).

    Old Man's War, a review

  • I was thinking in an analogy that if the translators had, actually, been working in Japanese instead of Hebrew and had run across the term “Kirin” – a deerlike mythological animal common to Asian cultures and somewhat well-known as label of a beer – they might have just shrugged in desperation and called it a “Unicorn”.

    Creationists on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin - The Panda's Thumb

  • He trotted away, head high, moving faster as he went until when he reached the herd he was covering ground in the bounding deerlike leaps that were the unicorn's fastest gait.

    Tran Siberian

  • Only now they were no longer deer, but rather some deer/moose hybrid, with big bulbous snouts melded with their otherwise deerlike bodies.

    Dreaming of Irene

  • Goodbye cityscape, hello flock of running deerlike animals, river, and foggy mountain scenes!

    grey’s anatomy recap: new year, new rules, same dog (season 2, episode 13) | Seattle Metblogs

  • To the right was a vaguely deerlike creature with cunning, almost human hands, and a quizzical face that seemed to speak of peace and wisdom.

    Old Mans War

  • From the waist down, your body was deerlike and very sleek.

    Orphans of Chaos


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