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  • adv. With defiance.


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defying +‎ -ly


  • Despite the nature-defyingly fast harvest times for their crops -- some springing up within an hour -- and gigantic cows pumping out milk at record pace, their Farmville bucks couldn't answer the call.

    Jordan Zakarin: Goldman Sachs' Facebook Investment Leads To Massive Farmville Foreclosures

  • And I can't get the decorations down unless I want to jump death-defyingly through the attic to get them.

    Oh, the suck today...

  • And I agree with some of the commenters: a glass of red wine "perched death-defyingly on the rim of the sink" can sometimes improve the experience.

    Archive 2008-03-28

  • Dark chocolate is my preference, and both the thin dark chocolate wafers hand-made, and physics-defyingly thin and the dark chocolate with orange bar were the kind of dark chocolate I most enjoy.

    Prestat Chocolate

  • Perhaps because Britney Spears knew that MTV would be short of one staggering, barely coherent dimwit after Amy Winehouse cancelled her performance, Britney Spears decided to use her MTV VMA opening performance to treat the world to a display of some first-class half-hearted choreography, belief-defyingly amateurish miming and unsuitable costumes that even managed to make 50 Cent look all confused.

    The Britney Spears MTV VMA Excuses: Cheap Shoes Edition

  • Meanwhile, the infant ruffian continued sucking; and glowered at me defyingly, as he slavered into the jug.

    Wuthering Heights

  • Margrave, more than ever intent on the caldron, in which, from time to time, he kept dropping powders or essences drawn forth from his coffer, looked up, defyingly, fiercely:

    The Lock and Key Library Classic Mystery and Detective Stories: Old Time English

  • 'Highly censurable in point of morality and decorum as was his course of life while under the roof of Madame ----, it was (with pain I am forced to confess) venial in comparison with the strange, headlong career of licence to which, when weaned from that connection, he so unrestrainedly, and, it may be added, defyingly abandoned himself.

    Lady Byron Vindicated A history of the Byron controversy from its beginning in 1816 to the present time

  • I leap with thee; I burn with thee; would fain be welded with thee; defyingly I worship thee! '

    Moby-Dick, or, The Whale

  • Meanwhile the infant ruffian continued sucking, and glowered up at me defyingly as he slavered into the jug.

    Wuthering Heights


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