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  • v. Present participle of dehisce.


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  • FRUIT: Two-valved, conical, dehiscing to release cottony winged seeds.

    Chapter 7

  • FRUIT: Long, pod-like, reddish with a grey bloom, dehiscing to release seeds that are

    Chapter 7

  • FRUIT: A broad hairy dark-brown pod to 1.5 cm, shrivelling after dehiscing.

    Chapter 7

  • Brown when dry, dehiscing to release small seeds with thread-like hairs.

    Chapter 7

  • If dehiscing is a problem, seed stalks can be harvested while the pods are turning brown but are not brittle, and left to finish drying, out of the sun in a bag or on a piece of cloth, where the seeds can be easily collected.

    14. Saving seeds for planting

  • Schlechtendal describes [540] the ordinarily baccate fruit of a vine as becoming dry, and even dehiscing by valves like a capsule.

    Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants

  • The spontaneous appearance of a poppy capsule (1) dehiscing as usual by 'pores,' but with inordinately long and arching valves over the pores.

    Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development

  • Stamens epipetalous, 4 or 2, free, rarely filaments connate, sometimes one staminodial; anther 1 - or 2-celled, usually dehiscing longitudinally; disc persistent.

    Find Me A Cure


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