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  • n. a small bipedal dinosaur, genus Deinonychus, of the Cretaceous period, characterized by having a large, curved claw on each hind foot.

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  • n. swift agile wolf-sized bipedal dinosaur having a large curved claw on each hind foot; of the Cretaceous


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New Latin (1969) from Ancient Greek δεινός (deinos, "fearful, terrible") (see dinosaur) + ὄνυχος (onukhos) (genitive of ὄνυξ (onuks, "nail, claw, talon"))


  • Gert's parents were time-travelers, and on one of their expeditions, they brought her back a dinosaur, a deinonychus she calls Old Lace.

    Casting Call: Who Should Join The Team For Marvel’s ‘Runaways’? » MTV Movies Blog

  • Sharks, especially some of the more wonderful ones, like the Great White or the Mako, are infinitely cooler than the velociraptor actually, the deinonychus, if you're talking about the model for the film because they - or their forebears - survived a friggin' meteor strike.

    An ode to the shark

  • The Dinosaurs Alive exhibit will feature brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, the deinonychus Homepage

  • remember those toys? that were people riding on dinosaurs? or, some of them were people- the people used psychic broaches to communicate with the brontosaurus, or deinonychus or whatever. then there were these dudes with like, bug heads, or lizard heads, or whatever. their leader kind of had a frog head. they used "brain boxes" to control the dinosaurs...through foul & wicked science! i think maybe the line was "dino-riders." that was sweet.

    mordicai: crown me king!


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