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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of delineate.


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  • It delineates from the theory of the west that freedom and equality is derived of stripping away our differences, and emphasizing the collective good that is in focusing on our unique and individual strengths.

    2008 February 25 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • What the Lyrical Ballads seem to have done for Bishop, as Rzepka delineates, is to give her a sense of the possibility of "self-transformation" through which one can be a proactive voice to initiate change in society.


  • The book's subtitle delineates precisely Mary's predicament: Born a princess in 1516 with an excellent education and formidable pedigree, she was declared illegitimate after her parents 'divorce but later crowned as England's first queen regnant.

    Three books on British royals

  • His sword delineates the border between seriousness and play.

    CNN Transcript Nov 30, 2006

  • AFI 21-204 does permit mixed storage as long as the unit "delineates" the separate loads.

    #39;s Big Feed

  • Not only does the nonfiction portray socialism during its most influential period, but it also delineates the American psyche during one of the most volatile transitions in our history.

    A Rare Collection of Jack London's Nonfiction

  • More to the point, there now exists a veritable tidal wave or research that delineates the fundamental role and value of exercise/physical activity/physical education, not just in the process of developing physical health, but also as the foundation of learning, itself.

    How Joel Klein insulted physical education teachers

  • Using these examples as a starting point, I will posit a non-exhaustive set of proposals to create new formal job designations that incorporate educational prerequisites, standards of competence, a code of professional conduct, disciplinary boards, and an accountability model that clearly delineates the limits of areas of competence of non-lawyers.

    Access to Legal Services: Lessons from the Medical Profession (Part 2 of 3) : Law is Cool

  • And yet the Republicans have supplied us with ample examples of their own "moral degeneracy," as Joe Conason delineates in Salon. com.

    Forgive and Forget

  • Picardie does write an afterword in which she names her sources, delineates between fact and fiction and does that satisfying thing of showing you where she inserted her own desires into the factual framework.

    Daphne and Rebecca « Tales from the Reading Room


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