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  • n. the process of delocalizing or the fact of being delocalized
  • n. the phenomenon in which bonding electrons of some molecules serve to bind several atoms instead of just two; it is observed in metals and in aromatic and conjugated organic compounds


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  • Also, by applying the concept of resonance, he was able to account for the delocalization of electrons in some molecules, although this involved drawing multiple structures for a given molecule, something that was impractical for large molecules.

    Happy Birthday, Linus!

  • Massive investment in research and development; Put in place an industrial policy that prepares for the future and reduces the risks of delocalization; Support small and medium-sized businesses through the creation of regional participation funds and by reserving for them a percentage of public contracts; Give priority to business investment by lowering tax where the profit is reinvested and increasing it where it is distributed to shareholders.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • The proposal raises the question of whether government aid is required for workers affected by globalization, and whether this aid should come from the EU: 1. Uncompetitive workers: Globalization has accelerated the pace of economic change and delocalization in the EU.

    EU's Weak Means To Combat Globalization

  • One must choose either the particle mode, with localized positions, trajectories, and energy quanta, or the wave mode, with spreading wave functions, delocalization and interference.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Finally Taube let the three-valent metal ions on either side of the bridge be identical and could then study if in reduction with an electron this was captured by one of the identical metal ions or it belonged to both, a phenomenon known as delocalization.

    Press Release: The 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • The basic idea was essentially the consideration of the importance of the electron delocalization between the frontier orbitals of reactant species.

    Kenichi Fukui - Autobiography

  • The easy exasperation of the £1000-a-year man at the rates and his extreme patience under Imperial taxation is incomprehensible, unless you recognize this fact of his delocalization.

    Mankind in the Making

  • And those who believe in the idea of the ultimate municipalization of most large industries, will continue to find in this non-localized class, working especially through the medium of Parliament, a persistent and effective obstruction to all such projects, unless such a rectification of areas can be contrived as will overtake the delocalization and the diffusion of interests that has been and is still going on.

    Mankind in the Making

  • "The very big score of Montebourg, who defended delocalization and a line that is left of left, gives him a real influence on the ideological and political profile of the victor," it said in an editorial.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • "How can those who advocate delocalization, a Sixth Republic, a radical left, vote for somebody who is the furthest away from these political theories?" said Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, a prominent Socialist and backer of Aubry.

    Reuters: Press Release


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