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  • n. Any device (often a furnace) that is used to remove magnetization

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who or that which removes magnetic polarity, or which causes something to cease to exert magnetic attraction; specifically, a device for removing any polarity or tendency to exert magnetic attraction from articles which have touched or have been in the sphere of action of an electromagnet, as in chucks or clutches or lifting-apparatus where the grip has been by magnetic action.


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  • We then erased the water samples with the bulk demagnetizer and they all returned to their original values.

    Chapter 4

  • Re. the demagnetizer thread, I thought posters were policing it pretty well themselves.


  • I haven't been into the demagnetizer thread since yesterday but last I saw the debate was a long way from kindergarten level.


  • Unique sliding demagnetizer bar lets you remove metal debris without having to sweep of with your hand. Gold Box Deals

  • Unique pump action demagnetizer lets you easily remove metal objects. Gold Box Deals

  • Michael also demonstrates some of his other vinyl gadgets, including a horrendously expensive demagnetizer which works due to the subtle iron content in the lampblack used to color the clear vinyl.

    Audiophile Audition Headlines

  • : a needle gun on single fire spinkita spinkita spinkita: a hovercar with a defective impeller znip-znip: an enormous interactive bulletin board reading your identity off your implant so it can sell a demagnetizer zoooon: mirroshades being activated zooo-sput ptam: mirrorshades setting fire to your hair zwupp floobidy bloop: the sound of your brain liquefying and running out your ears after accessing a boobytrapped site

    I am Joe's Will to Live


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