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  • Plato introduced the concept of the demiurge (from the Greek demiourgos, meaning “artisan” or

    Concepts of God

  • This presented a locus classicus for the notion of an externally-imposed origin of living beings through the action of a Craftsman (demiourgos) who created the cosmos and all living beings in accord with eternal archetypes or forms, realizing through this both aesthetic and rational ends.


  • Let us for the hundredth time repeat that every principle, every primitive source of any of the works which come from the hand of the demiourgos, is occult, and eternally hidden from mortals.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Mill believes that there is some evidence for the existence of a “demiourgos” of enormous power and intelligence, and some benevolence.

    Concepts of God

  • So is God, the great demiourgos, the universal framer of all, represented as an artificer, who first prepares his matter, and then forms it as it seemeth good unto him.


  • Touton gar hapase psyche physikon nomon boethon aute kai symmachon epi ton prakteon ho ton holon demiourgos hupestato.

    On Calvinism

  • The creation of the demiourgos was obliterated; what we call the Omnipotent was conquered; and for centuries the enchanted imagination of mortals was turned away from the spectacle of Nature by the contemplation of Olympian marvels.

    System of Economical Contradictions: or, the Philosophy of Misery

  • [Greek: demiourgos tou beltionos], the artificer of that which is best; and represents him as resolving in the beginning to produce the most excellent work, and as copying the world most exactly from his own intelligible and essential idea; 'so that it yet remains, as it was at first, perfect in beauty, and will never stand in need of any correction or improvement.'

    Poetical Works of Akenside

  • * hotou men oun an ho demiourgos ... ten idean kai dunamin autou apergazetai: [2416] 1

    A Grammar of Septuagint Greek

  • 28 A hotou men oun an ho demiourgos ... ten idean kai dunamin autou apergazetai, Parm.

    A Grammar of Septuagint Greek


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