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  • adj. relating to a demiurge

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  • adj. Pertaining to a demiurge; formative; creative.

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  • Pertaining to a demiurge, or to the act or process of creation.


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demiurge + -ic


  • Rejecting the object of philosophy, the pure object, the ideologue is left only with his demiurgic drive to impose an ideal on the world and for this he must claim that the meanings of institutions, practices, and realities, like human beings, are social constructions that, accordingly, have only the value that society confers on them.


  • This month the challenge was decided on by the demiurgic Peabody from Culinary Concoctions.

    Daring Bakers July Challenge - Strawberry Mirror Cake

  • If your faith is justified, but there is a "Higher Power", then the benefits of Heaven become finite, ending abruptly with the overthrow of a demiurgic tyrant.


  • Yet creation is a process which, according to the Timaeus, can be divided into two stages, the demiurgic intellect's thinking of the Forms of all entities and its imposing them on matter.


  • Numenius maintains that the demiurgic intellect, the second god in his hierarchy, splits into two when engaged in the creation in the world, because matter, which is required for and involved in creation, is such that it divides whatever has anything to do with it.


  • Syrianus and Proclus criticized Aristotle's disagreement with Plato's views on the existence of Forms and on the demiurgic role of God as crafting and creating the physical world.

    The Garbage House

  • The ETI is really a modern version of human anthrotypic ideations of gods or demiurgic beings.

    Be vewwwwy vewwwwy quiet….

  • Details of the self same "cleft" are almost of secondary importance since I could have explained that two headed or forked icons represent the two genders responsible for all creation - the demiurgic yin-yang/ linga-yoni aspect of the whole chain of earthly procreation and that the image therefore implied hermaphroditic characteristics as well - a common theme in ancient ritual art.

    Disagreement Behind the Scenes

  • While we're at it, no one has disproven the fact that we are all hypnotized space aliens on a tour of lesser civilizations; that you are all figments of my imagination; that Peter Jenkins is an agent of an evil conspiracy sowing discord to throw us off the track of our real psychic imprisonment; or that all of this is some plot by the demiurgic Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Are we AI?

  • Joseph draws a line between the mere self-obsessed individual wrestling with his thoughts and the artist who through the demiurgic faculty of the imagination turns his petty personal troubles into universal concerns.

    Bellow's Gift


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