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  • adv. In a demographic manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • As regards vital and social conditions; with reference to demographic conditions.


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  • Given that you agree that relocating the Palestinians is not an option, do you also agree with me that Israel needs to get rid of the settlements, the territories, and possibly any remaining Arab majority districts if she is to remain demographically secure? larry birnbaum Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Israel’s Irrealism on Settlements

  • Quite an accomplishment, considering the fact that she had Rendell and Nutter, etc. all behind her, the state was tailor-made for her to win demographically, and she had family ties in PA.

    The popular vote debate

  • Looking at the gambling boom years of the 1990s, when casino revenues more than tripled nationally, the researchers conclude that counties with casinos suffered individual bankruptcy rates more than double the rates in demographically similar counties without casinos.

    Primary Sources

  • Today I probably spend as much time there as I do anywhere, although the really peculiar thing about me, demographically, is that I probably watch less than twelve hours of television in a given year, and have watched that little since age fifteen.

    William Gibson biography

  • Companies have set their targets on mom bloggers (ok, certain demographically appropriate ones) for this free stuff in the hopes that we are so grateful we’ll write about it and you all will run out and buy it.

    Where I am this week...

  • You say "Funny sort of ethnic cleansing" - yet just the other day you endorsed the argument made by Benny Morris that ethnic cleansing was justified in 1948 by the "existential threat" Israel faced, and that such ethnic cleansing would be justified in future if Israel again faced an existential threat, because the Arab citizens of Israel were a threat both to security and "demographically".

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Comparing, say, two demographically matched young college-educated liberal women or comparing two demographically matched older less educated conservative men, the one who seldom attends church is likely to be more supportive of the civil liberties of racists, militarists, and so forth than is her more religiously observant counterpart.

    American Grace

  • In particular, religiously observant Americans are more generous with time and treasure than demographically similar secular Americans.

    American Grace

  • Keep in mind that this chart adjusts for other background factors known to influence civic engagement, so in effect the chart compares demographically and ideologically comparable people who differ primarily in their religiosity.26 The same basic pattern—more civic engagement among religiously observant men and women—repeats itself within each major religious tradition separately, though the pattern is more robust and consistent among mainline Protestants, Black Protestants, and Catholics than among evangelical Protestants.

    American Grace

  • Our own queries about Osama bin Laden and unpopular books showed that even with regard to such widely disfavored targets, secular Americans offer somewhat firmer support for civil liberties.54 Once again, our analysis essentially compares demographically and ideologically matched churchgoers and nonchurchgoers.

    American Grace


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