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  • v. Present participle of demolish.

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  • n. complete destruction of a building


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  • The phone rang while he was talking and he answered it and spoke very slowly in High German, demolishing a subordinate with words that hit with the force of hammers while we listened.

    The Sinkiang Executive

  • They have never had much difficulty in demolishing themthough I notice that most of the demolished ones are still there, while some of the Christian apologists themselves begin to look rather faded.

    As I Please

  • Lawton, with a right wing, moved against El Caney, with the idea of demolishing it and crumpling up the Spanish left.

    The New Nation

  • In '93 a coppersmith had purchased the house with the idea of demolishing it, but had not been able to pay the price; the nation made him bankrupt.

    Les Miserables, Volume IV, Saint Denis

  • Under pressure to complete the project by 2013, transportation officials reverted to the idea of demolishing and rebuilding half of the bridge at a time over the next two years.

    News -

  • Bet your last dollar that every single one of those councillors - except for Sheilagh O'Leary - is already sold on the idea of demolishing the downtown portion of St. John's that provides much of the backdrop for the show. latest blog entries

  • The church bought two buildings on N. 25th St. just to its west, with the idea of demolishing them and building a closer-in playground.

  • It never gives up its plutonium, it never gives up its reprocessing facility, it never gives up its reactor (even though it is willing to shut it down and receive handsome compensation for Potemkin steps such as demolishing the cooling tower at Yongbyon), and it never allows effective verification of what it is willing to promise in exchange for the assistance that keeps the regime in power.

    How to Deal With a Dictator

  • Grab your flak jackets because there's "trench warfare" on the campaign trail, as would-be commanders-in-chief prove their mettle not merely by persuading people to vote for them but by "demolishing" their opponents -- because the leader of a country as powerful as the United States of America must, above all, be someone who's tough and ruthless, right?

    Robert Koehler: The State Religion

  • With Dook recently "demolishing" highly ranked powerhouses such as Princeton, Clemson, and Temple, we should be quaking.

    dish best served cold


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