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  • v. To add redundancy to (a database schema), the opposite of normalization, typically in order to optimize its performance.


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de- +‎ normalize


  • If the HRCs are so embarrassed about what they actually do and how they do it, all we need to do to win this fight is to keep shining sunlight on them, to expose them for what they are, to "denormalize" them in society.

    More fibbing from the HRC's defenders - Ezra Levant

  • It falls to each of us to publicize these commissions' wrongdoings, and to "denormalize" them in the public eye.

    Can you just ignore a human rights commission? - Ezra Levant

  • For those who don't know what "denormalize" means, it is exactly what fat people are experiencing in increasing intensity, as well as all those with physical characteristics, cultural differences or chronic diseases (actually primarily due to aging and genes) that can be condemned for not following some certain diet and lifestyle behavior.

    Junkfood Science

  • His stated intent to "denormalize" the HRCs by focusing solely on their warts obscures this fact. is issue-driven: as former journalists, we look at the issues from a perspective that is familiar to the media.

    Canada Free Press

  • Those of us who believe hack bureaucrats deciding which opinions they're prepared to issue official licenses for is an abomination to a free society owe a special debt of gratitude to Ezra Levant, who has done more than anyone to "denormalize" (as he puts it) the government thought police, even as their few allies have attempted to bury him in an avalanche of nuisance law suits.


  • That was always part of the plan, remember: denormalize the HRCs to build public pressure, to make it possible for political action -- in that order.

    Ezra Levant: May 2008 Archives

  • I believe that a court challenge is necessary, and might even win; but I believe that the better strategy is the one that we've been following to date: denormalize the HRCs in public, and make it possible for legislators to reform or abolish them.

    Athanasios Hadjis: "I'm lazy" - Ezra Levant

  • That kind of exposure is important in the campaign to denormalize them.

    Human rights commissions in the news - Ezra Levant

  • We have to continue to denormalize them, which is pretty easy -- just let the world know what they're doing.

    The important work of human rights commissions - Ezra Levant

  • But it's also an important fountain of news stories that will denormalize the CHRC for months to come.

    The privacy police investigate the human rights police - Ezra Levant


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