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  • n. Excessive adherence to departmental methods, rules or structure

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  • n. Departmental methods or usages.


departmental +‎ -ism (Wiktionary)


  • He holds elected politicians themselves responsible for not defending more vigorously the chief alternative to judicial supremacy, namely "departmentalism," according to which each branch of the government has final say over constitutional questions that arise within its purview.

  • The unitary executive doctrine arises out of a theory called “departmentalism,” or “coordinate construction.”

    Lean Left » Blog Archive » The Fillibuster

  • It has as its virtue the quality of being opposed to red tape, professionalism, departmentalism pedantry, officiousness, intolerance, lethargy, and the tyranny of custom; it has its dangers in that, resting as it does in the last resort on the personal and the concrete, it tends in ill-balanced minds to neglect the value of ancient and dear illusions, and to degenerate into chaos and caprice.

    Personality in Literature

  • These two kinds of specialism, or departmentalism, may therefore conveniently be treated together; for I may leave Mr. Galsworthy and William James to conduct the attack, contenting myself with the task of linking up their forces.

    Personality in Literature

  • The absence of "general" courses and the large number of highly specialized courses reveal the strength of departmentalism and vocational emphasis.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina

  • These new plans also appear to face squarely the fact that extreme departmentalism is an unfortunate affliction that withers everything truly educational that comes under its shadow and should, therefore, be removed.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina

  • It has been noted in the accounts of the Chicago Plan and the General College of the University of Minnesota, as well as in this brief account of the Columbia Plan, that departmentalism becomes less stubborn when cooperative courses are established.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina

  • We should remove as promptly as possible the barriers of departmentalism which appear to breed many suspicions and fears and often to subordinate the needs and interests of the students to the aspirations or ambitions of vested departmental interests.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina

  • Here and there in this report attention has been called to the evils of departmentalism, to the emphasis upon specialization in the undergraduate work, and to the apparent fact that the College of Arts has been forced to surrender to the demands of individualism and utilitarianism that have been sweeping the country.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina

  • Page 56 that they are meeting the needs of the students more definitely than was the case under the old plan; the new plan at Chicago has also served to remove the affliction of departmentalism which was increasing under the old plan, under which every department was practically a school or college.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina


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