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  • n. the organization of something into departments according to function, geographic location etc.


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  • This enterprise is beginning to look like a formal corporation, but it lacks the resources for rigid departmentalization.

    Size Matters When It Comes To Small Business

  • To hell with the fact that Venezuela is such a multiplicity of ethnics, political persuasions and individualities ... it's a replay of George W. Bush's 'you're with us or your're against us!' plagorization of Stalin's political departmentalization ... and we all know where that led millions of Georgians and Ukranians in a previous era.

    Venezuela's Bohemian Rapsody ... "Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy?"

  • Q-- (in progress) -- several things on his mind, and how does he -- you always here a lot about departmentalization.

    Remarks By Mike Mccurry In Gaggle At White House

  • I think one of the difficulties is that the -- for one reason or another, the essence of the news magazine, which was very rigorous departmentalization or compartmentalization -- national affairs, foreign news, so on and so forth -- has begun to fade somewhat.

    One Man's America: A Journalist's Search for the Heart of His Country

  • Although departmentalization exposes the child to a larger number of potentially helpful attachment figures, it also reduces her opportunity to use her teachers as secure bases because she spends less time with each of them.

    The Unmotivated Child

  • Growth also greatly increased specialization and departmentalization, which encouraged sectionalism and parochial decision making.


  • One was the departmentalization of the news, so you could look in the same place every week, approximately the same place, and find national affairs, foreign affairs, business, medicine, science, and so forth.

    Right Places, Right time

  • That's the rule of compartmentalization or departmentalization.

    Every Spy a Prince

  • It is impossible, in fact, in the absence of common schooling, in the absence of a common liberal education, and it is impossible in the face of large-sized and manifold departmentalization.

    The University and the Republic

  • An examination of the catalogue of any representative higher educational institution shows numerous new courses which cover only a limited section of a field of knowledge and which in most cases proclaim increasing departmentalization.

    Undergraduate Work and the University of North Carolina


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