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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of deprecate.
  • adj. Strongly disapproved of.
  • adj. Belittled; insulted
  • adj. Obsolescent; said of a construct in a computing language considered old, and planned to be phased out, but still available for use.


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From Latin deprecatus, past participle of deprecari ("to pray against (a present or impending evil), pray for, intercede for (that which is in danger), rarely imprecate"), from de ("off") + precari ("to pray").


  • If the function is deprecated, should not be used any longer, then the @deprecated tag along with the version and description of what to use instead should be given.

    Codex - Recent changes [en]

  • a slightly simplified language with some elements and attributes moved into CSS, and will no longer encounter the term deprecated since older code will still be supported. - All News

  • He allowed himself an extra cigar or two, and, in short, deprecated anything which threatened to disturb his peace.

    Enter Bridget

  • But there is another reason why a war between the two countries is so much to be deprecated, which is, that is must ever be a cruel and an irritating war.

    Diary in America, Series One

  • The other one was still killing a thread by calling a deprecated ten years ago method stop (), the third guy had issues explaining the data flow of a standard Web application built with Servlets and JDBC.

    Hottest News Articles

  • The release notes updated yesterday declare Java "deprecated" and state that Apple's Java software "will not be maintained at the same level, and may be removed from future versions of Mac OS X."

    Faster Forward: More thoughts on junking Java

  • Apparently use of the password ahs been "deprecated", or in other words, "discouraged".

    Anonymous Facebook Employe Says Network Keeps Track Of Whom You Stalk Most - The Consumerist

  • And, old versions can only be marked as "deprecated" to keep the list of current downloads clean and let end-users know that that download is no longer supported.

    Best Practices: Archival Downloads

  • Apparemment, c'est un en-tête HTTP Pragma: no-cache qui est ajouté (par Safari, WebKit ou Mac OS X?) quand j'ai un proxy web configuré, et Bad Behaviour devient mé(fi|ch)ant parce que c'est un header HTTP 1.0 qui est 'deprecated' dans HTTP 1.1.

    Microformats et Bloggy Friday d’octobre — Climb to the Stars

  • I've also learned that the html I do know is now "deprecated".

    February 2003 ~ Angry Bear


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