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  • To break down the characteristic habits or qualities of a race or stock; diminish the relative influence of heredity as compared with that of environment.


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  • The situation has changed quite a lot, especially in Zimbabwe, where the government has made efforts to decongest rural areas, settle landless people and deracialize commercial agriculture by acquiring 10 million ha of prime large-scale farms for resettlement.

    Southern Africa and land resources

  • And it's come in handy: in a city with a traditionally Irish Catholic police force and a history of racial tension between cops and community, Law has been a key ally of the black clergy to deracialize law enforcement.

    The New Holy War

  • However, it is reckless to assign poverty as the primary cause for the achievement gap in a feeble attempt to deracialize institutional racism.

    Achievement Gap: Racial or Economic? at

  • Various laws have been enacted by the government to deracialize, democratize and unite

    Uprooting the Demon of Racism

  • One of the tasks of the democratic government is therefore to deracialize income, opportunities, ownership and access to the economy, to effect redistribution in the interests of development and growth and in the interests of the historically disadvantaged.

    Uprooting the Demon of Racism

  • The National Democratic forces, in order to achieve its strategic objective of a truly non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and united South Africa must therefore as immediate and strategic tasks transform and deracialize the state machinery, the economy, education and human resources, culture; whilst at the same time meet basic needs, effect land redistribution and ensure a better life for especially the poor, women, youth and disabled as a necessary.

    Uprooting the Demon of Racism

  • We need to ensure that delivery takes place in a planned and integrated manner, the need to integrate and deracialize cities and towns, to house the poor close to their place of work, to root out corruption from the system of housing delivery, to address issues around the provision of related infrastructure such as sport and recreational facilities, to give attention to rural housing and to encourage the people's housing process.



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