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  • n. Anatomy An area of skin innervated by sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
  • n. Medicine An instrument used in cutting thin slices of the skin, as for skin grafts.
  • n. Embryology The part of a mesodermal somite from which the dermis develops.

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  • n. An instrument used surgically to remove a thin slice of skin for grafting
  • n. An area of skin which is innervated by afferent nerve fibers coming to a single posterior spinal root
  • n. The cutis plate.

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  • n. A knife with a very fine blade, used for removing certain skin- blemishes.

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  • n. a surgical instrument used to cut very thin slices of skin


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

derma- + -tome.

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derma- + -tome (“instrument for cutting”)

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dermat- + -ome (“mass”)


  • Preceded by severe neuralgic pain, the eruption is vesicular on an erythematous base and is almost invariably unilateral, occupying the dermatome of a peripheral nerve.

    Chapter 9

  • The cells of the segment become differentiated into three groups, which form respectively the cutis-plate or dermatome, the muscle-plate or myotome, and the sclerotome (Fig. 64).

    II. Osteology. 1. Development of the Skeleton

  • Association, report the increase in risk for stroke within a year of a shingles infection ranged from just over 30%, to more than 300%, depending on the stroke type or dermatome affected. - News

  • Conduction velocities were calculated by stimulating two body areas situated in the same dermatome (S1), one distal on the dorsum of the foot and one proximal at the external lateral face of the superior third part of the leg.

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  • Six sites were investigated in this subject (front, hand, leg, foot) among which two belonged to the same dermatome on the lower limb (S1).

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  • Both belong to the territory of the common peroneal nerve (dermatome S1).

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  • As was said before, I can almost disregard any physical exam that was clearly generated by "checking boxes" - do you really think I believe you did two point fine touch sensory discrimination across every dermatome in that 7 year old you saw for an ear infection?


  • For patients with PHN, we examined the contralateral dermatome.

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  • For patients with LBP, we examined a reference area in the midline of the back above the painful area (usually around T12), and if the patient had leg pain, the corresponding dermatome of the opposite leg.

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  • We considered the test result positive when pain projecting into a dermatome was reproduced by raising the affected leg a second time extended at the knee

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