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  • n. The reverse of sacralization, and occurs when a formerly dedicated religious structure such as a church or religious school is given over for another purpose outside of the particular religious organization which dedicated it for a sacred purpose.


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  • Elegy's Elegy yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Elegy\'s Elegy'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: The decline of the elegy betokens a certain loss of sensibility in the western world in the twentieth century, a loss described by Mircea Eliade as "desacralization".

    Elegy's Elegy

  • It all adds up to what respect-ed political columnist Alain Duhamel calls the "desacralization" of the French presidency.


  • 'desacralization' of supposedly divine edicts was also a demand from participants who have long been feminists working within the framework of religion.

    open Democracy News Analysis - Comments

  • While many Catholics prefer these services for good reasons more time with their families; a boon to the elderly and small children the net result may turn out to be the desacralization of Dec. 25.

    Rev. James Martin, S.J.: The War On Christmas Is Over ... And Christmas Lost

  • Yet the question is whether the history of its subsequent reinstitution, unfolding under the sign of the forgetting of origins, is itself an integral part of the event, since the process of appropriation is unable definitively to set itself apart from expropriation and desacralization.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • It's very much a vision of an ogranic body infused with the Spirit of God and the imposition necessary strictures to ensure that it remains that way (i.e., the prevention of desacralization).

    The Oddity of Privacy

  • This radical desacralization dramatically alters the human relationship to land; the same happens with water, air, space, and soon (it is predicted) the heavenly bodies.

    The Market as God

  • We should learn from activists and chain ourselves to prevent sodomite marriage desacralization and other abominatios.


  • These anthraxic racisms without the ostensive reference of racism exacerbate humiliation and degradation, debilitation and desecration, desacralization and distortion.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • These criticisms I make of secularized Catholics may seem like extreme words, but the Holy Father has himself been quite "extreme" about the matter of liturgical desacralization in the post-conciliar era.



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