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  • n. The act or process of deserializing.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

deserialize +‎ -ation


  • Application failed during request deserialization:

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  • It may mean their deserialization, their withdrawal from the use of society altogether, or their more imperfect use.

    Letters of Franklin K. Lane

  • Invoking these methods in reverse order is important because it allows inner objects to finish their deserialization before the outer objects that contain them finish their deserialization.

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  • This allows the items to complete deserialization so that all their fields are initialized properly, allowing a good hash code value to be calculated.

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  • Similarly, when you deserialize a set of objects, the formatter calls all of the objects' methods that are attribute, then it deserializes all of the object's fields, and then it calls all of the objects' methods marked with the Note also that during deserialization, when a formatter sees a type offering a method marked with the OnDeserialized attribute, the formatter adds this object's reference to an internal list.

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  • Here are the details: Once you have the entity defined, you can do your deserialization in the ReadingEntity method.

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  • NOTE: Needing to specify singleResult=true is a temporary CTP only requirement, because in the CTP our deserialization code can't automatically detect whether the result is a collection or single result.

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  • The FetchXml namespace provides a set of classes built according to the FetchXml schema to allow deserialization of FetchXml to support the modifying parameters through code, i.e. objectifying FetchXml.

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  • · FilterImpl. validate () throws NullPointerExeption on deserialization

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  • For more information on deserialization challenges with QJSON please revisit my blog post ♥

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