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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deserialize.


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  • WCF deserializes the message body and creates an instance of Foo

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  • Similarly, when you deserialize a set of objects, the formatter calls all of the objects' methods that are attribute, then it deserializes all of the object's fields, and then it calls all of the objects' methods marked with the Note also that during deserialization, when a formatter sees a type offering a method marked with the OnDeserialized attribute, the formatter adds this object's reference to an internal list.

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  • The Dispatcher receives the WCF Message from the underlying channel stack, individuates the target service endpoint using the destination address and Action property contained in the Message, deserializes the content of the WCF Message into objects.

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  • JSON. net which does not recognize the '__type' property and happily deserializes wrapped JSON into the AjaxWrapper class.

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  • I believe this is happening when GetObject deserializes the articles

  • The saveCustomer () method serializes the Customer object to CustomerBean. xml, and the openCustomer () method deserializes the XML and returns the customer object.

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  • The marshal () method of marshaller serializes the customer object to XML, and the unmarshal () method of unmarshaller deserializes the XML to the customer object.

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  • This serializes as a large negative number which deserializes as 1 / 1 / 0100.


  • Signatures are not as fragile as people think: the canonicalization process alleviates a number of the problems that can occur if an intermediary deserializes and re-serializes a signature - indeed, the WSE2 intermediary does do this by loading the message into a DOM and then saving it back out when the message is forwarded. member met-art. com

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  • When SendMessage completes, the spying process deserializes the return value from its memory store.

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